Radiology & Imaging

The department of Radiology and Imaging at BLK aims to provide the highest quality of diagnostic imaging, accompanied by specialized interpretation by a team of highly qualified radiologist.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and backed by highly trained radiologists. skilled technicians and technical staff, we are committed to ensure full support of super specialized radiology services.


Comprehensive Services:

1) MRI

  • South Asia’s 1st SIGNA ARTIST 1.5T MRI machine with advanced functional imaging and wide bore (70 cm) 96 channel fully digital scanner, that boasts of path breaking and unmatched patient comfort to allay ‘examination claustrophobia’ and as well as provide superior, clear and comprehensive image details. This machine comes with a host of top notch imaging softwares, like FAST Brain protocol, MAGIC Diffusion, Neuroworks, DISCO, MAVRIK, and whole body perfusion.
  • 1.5T SIGNA HDXT MRI machine – Reliable, compact, efficient and dependable for all kinds of imaging, with dedicated body coils.

Together, both the MRI machines provide excellent cross sectional imaging and higher end imaging techniques like –

  • Neuro-imaging – Perfusion scan, Spectroscopy, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, MR Venogram and Angiogram, FAST brain protocols and functional imaging.
  • Cardiac imaging – Advanced cardiac MR.
  • Breast imaging – Dedicated breast coils and subtraction imaging.
  • Routine body imaging – MSK imaging and arthrography, genitourinary imaging, gastrointestinal imaging, vascular imaging etc.
  • Onco-imaging – Detection, staging and prognosis of prostate cancer, breast cancer, genitourinary and pelvic malignancies etc.

2) CT scan

South Asia’s 1st Revolution Frontier 256 slice Dual Energy CT with advanced Spectral Imaging that is equipped with latest GSI techniques.

Gemstone Imaging – Revolutionary technique to detect, determine and diagnose components of an image based on dual energy spectral densities.

This advanced CT scan technology provides the following services :-

  • Cardiac CT with angiogram and perfusion analysis.
  • Spectral GSI for renal stone characterization, small liver lesion, lung perfusion scan etc.
  • Hepatorenal transplant protocol imaging.
  • Dedicated abdominal, peripheral vascular, neuroimaging protocols.
  • 3 D reconstruction for trauma protocol.
  • Advanced thin slice lung reformatting.
  • Low dose lung cancer screening.
  • MARS

3) X-ray, DR and Fluoroscopy

Advanced and latest OPTIMA XR 646 GE DR machine with dual detector and dual energy, fully automated ALLENGER fluoroscopy machineand bedside portable x-ray machines for holistic and comprehensive body imaging and contrast examination that cater to both OPD and IPD patients.

The facilities comprise of :

  • Digital x-ray
  • Dual energy x-ray for cancer screening
  • Contrast and dye studies with ALARA fluoroscopic exposure and guidance like RGU / MCU, Barium and gastrograffin upper and lower GI studies including swallow, meal, follow through, and sonogram etc…
  • IVP
  • Whole spine stitched skiagrams
  • Pediatric congenital genitourinary imaging

4) Dexa

Fully automated LUNAR GE DEXA machine for complete analysis of bone mineral density, designed to help the treating physicians by detecting whole body, femur and spine bone health.

5) Ultrasonography and Doppler

Host the most advanced 4D USG including voluson E10 and E8 machines with doppler technique to facilitate real time dynamic diagnosis of both OPD and IPD patients ranging from abdominal pathology, health checkup evaluation, imaging of blood vessels and pregnancy scans.

Ultrasonography facilities and techniques includes:

  • Gynaeco-obstretic imaging- Routine and specific followup and workup scanning for all pregnant females, with detection of normal and abnormal pregnancy, and 3D& 4D reconstruction, and TVS for serial follicular monitoring and other gynaecological pathologies.
  • Peripheral vascular Doppler imaging
  • TRUS for prostatic imaging
  • MSK imaging using high end ultra high frequency probes
  • Routine abdominal, genitourinary and pelvic imaging
  • Neonatal transcranial doppler ultrasound
  • Hepatorenal transplant protocols.
  • Advanced elastrography with fusion imaging

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