The Department of Ophthalmology at BLK strives to offer the best to its patients and has been at the forefront of delivering specialised eye care services for various disorders. The department provides comprehensive Ophthalmology services and has in place the most modern equipments.

The department extends its services to all ophthalmic modalities including Refractive Procedures (vision correction procedures), Cataract, Glaucoma, Vitreo Retinal services, Uvea, Cornea, Squint, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Oculoplasty and Tumours, Opticals and Vision Aids, Contact Lens and Comprehensive Eye Check-up.


Comprehensive Services:

The uvea and vitreoretina services of our ophthalmology department aims to provide comprehensive care at affordable rates, which makes it stands amongst the Best Eye Hospital in Delhi, India. The services currently available include:

  • Routine retinal evaluation (+90D Examination & Indirect Ophthalmoscopy)
  • Digital Fluorescein Angiography Camera (FFA)
  • Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT/ 3D-OCT)
  • Green Laser for Retina Photocoagulation (Slit lamp delivery & laser indirect ophthalmoscopy)
  • Ocular Ultrasoud
  • Cryotherapy
  • Thorough work-up of uveitis (inflammatory disorders) in conjunction with Rheumatology Department
  • Comprehensive check up and treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy and Age-related macular degeneration
  • Screeing of premature babies for retinopathy of prematirity (ROP) and its treatment
  • Eye Trauma Services

Surgical Retina Facilities

  • Retinal Detachment Surgery: Buckling surgery/ Pneumatic Retinopexy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Intravitreal injections: Steroid (triamcinolone acetonide) anti-VEGF agents (Lucentis, Avastin and Macugen) and antibiotics
  • Intravitreal Implants: Steroid Implant 

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