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Our Featured Ayurvedic Supplements

Inspired by the ‘The Science of Life’ Aayushkar brings to you a premium range of Ayurvedic health supplements formulated with a perfect blend of natural ingredients and herbs, hand-picked by our experts, to balance the three doshas - Vata (energy of movement), Pitta (energy of digestion and metabolism) and Kapha (energy of lubrication) and rejuvenate the whole body.

Ayurveda, often referred to as ‘Mother of All Healing’, is the world’s oldest yet the most trusted system of medicine which continues to play a pivotal role in healthcare. Our ace-standard products have been crafted meticulously keeping natural potency and purity at the epicentre.

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Company Story


  • Step 01

    The herbs are expertly extracted according to the distinct characteristic of each plant.

  • Step 02

     When raw material we ordered arrives at our facility, it is immediately quarantined for QC review.

  • Step 03

    The batch is analyzed using organoleptic and laboratory methods.

  • Step 04

    The final product is subject to a complete set of tests for safety and purity in our laboratory.


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